May. 10th, 2011

My guild is not really a raiding guild. We use to be in wrath, but most of our raiders have quit wow, found a new guild, or left the realm. Pugs only seem to want people who already have the achievement and a high gear-score to go along with that. Newbies need not apply!

So, when I got invited to heal for a guild group, I was unsure if I wanted to. I had been trying to get my guild-master to try and form a group for months, but he had been busy with a very pregnant wife. Plus, some guild groups can be very unforgiving. I was told if I do a good job, I could join their normal raid days without having to leave my own guild.

Yesterday was my very first time healing on Magmaw. We wiped 15 times, but the last time we got him down to 25%. I am not sure if I did a good or horrible job at healing. Mostly staring at bars, trying to keep everyone up. Oddly enough, I did like trying. It was fun and different then what I had been doing lately. I should know sometime today if they want me back for their Wednesday raid. I hope they ask!!



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